My plastic free♻️ Journey

NEW HABITS ♻️Living without plastic is a big change for anyone. ♻️ To make any change stick, it needs to become a habit. Habits form naturally when we repeat a new behaviour a certain number of times. Conscious choices become automatic, allowing you to make a behaviour routine and continue it for the longer term. ♻️ Right now, most of us have your a pretty ingrained habit of using plastic multiple times a day. The trick is to break these old habits and replace them with new, greener ones. ♻️ If you've ever tried before to make - and keep -a New Year's resolution or start a new diet, you'll know that if you go in with an all or-nothing attitude, your attempt is usually doomed. ♻️Just like cutting out all chocolate is impossible for most of us to keep up forever, banning all plastic straight away isn't realistically achievable. ♻️ This kind of blanket ban only sets you up for backsliding and ultimate failure, which means the new habit won't have enough time to form and you'll end up going back to your old plastic-using ways in no time. ♻️ So it's important to realize you should not attempt to go 100 % plastic-free immediately. ♻️ The recipe for success is to take it slowly, one step at a time. Start with the easiest plastic items to find substitutes for, then build up from there. ♻️This will help you create a plastic-free mindset, and you won't feel overwhelmed. ♻️Follow me for great tips every Wednesday for useful ways to get started...

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